Family of slain Texas man slams estranged Austin DA's double standard over 'cherry-pics' charges in crime

of The family of the Texas man He was brutally killed after a George Soros-funded district attorney in Austin criticized Governor Greg Abbott’s push to pardon an Army sergeant accused of killing a Black Lives Matter protester.

Christopher Branham, a 26-year-old father of two, was killed on June 24, 2020, after being assaulted and robbed by five men at a motel in Round Rock, Texas.

his mother, Connie Branham, and his sister, Monica Jackson; Joined “Fox and Friends First”. to discuss how District Attorney Jose Garza handled his son’s case and how his criticism of Abbott shows a double standard in crime.

From Soros to unions, the left has poured a lot of money into efforts to win over Austin police workers.

“What I find troubling are the statements that Da Garza is making, because in our experience every day he makes decisions on guilt and innocence, you know, whether jurors or victims or other parties agree with him or not,” Branham told Ashley Strohmire on Tuesday. “We’re definitely feeling the heat. [He] Cherry picks who he wants to sue and who he lets go.

Branham was allegedly taken to a corn field by the two individuals after the robbery. He was shot and killed. His body was not found until weeks later.

The family previously told Fox News Digital that there was little communication with the five suspects regarding plea deals, and most of them were eventually given lesser charges in plea negotiations.

From left to right: Jesse Perkins, Anthony Davis, Jamil Watford

From left to right: Jesse Perkins, Anthony Davis, Jamil Watford (Round Rock Police Department, Williamson County Jail)

“at first… [Garza] He turned out to be kind and charming and things turned around quickly,” Branham said. “We have grand jury indictments against all five of our son’s murders. He ignored those grand jury indictments, starting with the teenager involved. We had to determine the permissible sentence. He completely ignored that and went for an indefinite sentence.

The teenager accused of assaulting Branham was given lesser charges and sent to a rehabilitation center. The Branhams said they were not aware of the change in charges.

Austin, D.C. launched a grand jury indictment of more than 20 police officers who responded to the George Flood riots.

She eventually escaped the facility and was eventually killed by a car in October 2021.

Connie continued, “He dismissed the charges against another suspect. There was very, very strong evidence against that person.” “He then went after the other three adults who were involved in a murder rather than a robbery and a robbery, and this robbery escalated as you can imagine.”

Garza was quick to criticize Abbott for announcing his intentions last week. Sorry Army Sgt. Daniel PerryIn the year He is accused of killing 28-year-old Garrett Foster, a Black Lives Matter protester during the 2020 riots.

Abbott tweeted over the weekend that he would ask the Board of Pardons and Pardons to “review” the case.

“The governor’s statement that he will interfere in the legal process surrounding the death of Garrett Foster is deeply troubling,” Garza said in a statement Sunday.

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But Branham’s family argued there was a double standard in Garza’s policies regarding his treatment of violent criminals.

Branham pointed out how Jamil Watford, who was wearing an ankle brace when he died, was one of the suspects in a previous aggravated robbery case. The apology was recently rejectedAlthough he will be eligible again in three years.

“It’s very concerning to know that he could be back on the streets again,” Jackson said. “Fortunately, we got him suspended for parole, and we have to wait another three years, but he is a very powerful man.”

“We are ready to go to a jury trial with him. We are not comfortable with Gaza’s decision … to make a deal with them without knowing it,” she continued. “Just as he made these expensive deals five days before the jury trial without even discussing it with us, when we think we’re going to a jury trial, we trust him more than his decision making with them.”

Fox News’ Andrew Mark Miller contributed to this report.

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