Erik Ten Hague praised Marcus Rashford after his side's 3-0 semi-final win over Nottingham Forest.

Erik ten Haag and Christian Eriksen are close to returning to the first team.

In the pre-match press conference before the match against Brentford tomorrow night in the Premier League, coach Eriksen has now returned to team training, but confirmed that he will not be ready for tomorrow’s game.

“He’s back on the field, not tomorrow – he’s back in team training today, so we have to see how quickly he can progress now,” the boss said.

This means that the coach should be able to restore Eriksen and Casemiro, who he selected from next week, to the midfield.

“Two quality players [Casemiro and Eriksen]” he said.

“Midfield games are always decided in the midfield and obviously when you lose two quality players. But whether you have a team or not, you still have to win.”

Tonight is the third of Casemiro’s two more games and Sunday’s game against Everton is the fourth and final game of his suspension.

Speaking about Sunday’s defeat to Newcastle United, Ten Haag said:

“We had a very bad performance because the opponent wanted more than us. They were sharper.

“They wanted more than we did. They were sharper. They won just 16 of the 61 tests and the defense won 48 of the 78. You can’t win a game then.

When asked if the boss was concerned about recent Premier League teams,

“So we played 60 minutes against Southampton with 10 men, we beat Fulham – that’s a Premier League opponent (in the FA Cup) – we beat Newcastle in the Carabao Cup, that’s a Premier League opponent. So there is no risk. We know we can beat Premier League teams.

The Hague has confirmed Aaron Wan-Bissaka will return to action tomorrow after missing the game at Newcastle due to illness.

“Today he returned in practice

“I think it’s really close, a competition between them. Maybe Aaron gives you a little more defense, Diogo gives you a little more offense.

But, I must say, both have shown improvement in both areas. It’s really close. The opponent, the load of the players, the shape they are in is also a factor, so you make your decision.

The coach commented on Luke Shaw’s new club contract.

“I think it’s a good message. The England international has been doing well this season. He is a modern left-back but can also play other positions. It fits the criteria we want to have.

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