Enjoy seamless audio, audiobooks and radio with this $36 Bluetooth MP3 player

TL;DR From April 13, find out Tech Essentials 16GB Bluetooth MP3 Player(Opens in a new tab) For $35.99 – that’s a 28% discount.

You don’t need an audiophile to see that your phone might not The best option for listening to music(Opens in a new tab) No more. If you want to stay connected all day, draining your battery to listen to music might not be a good idea, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch your headphones. Instead, you can get the Tech Essential 16GB Bluetooth MP3 Player, which comes with a 64GB TF card for just $35.99 (eg $49).

Enjoy your music offline

Give your phone battery a break and listen to your favorite tunes in beautiful Hi-Fi lossless sound. This Mp3 player(Opens in a new tab) It already comes with 16GB of local storage for all your favorite music, but you can expand the available space with a 64GB TF card.

Listen to music in lossless formats like APE, FLAC, WPA and ACELP files alongside your regular MP3s. If you’re not familiar, lossless audio files use advanced data compression algorithms to preserve their detail even when compressed. Converting from lossy compression to lossless audio files can show you new depth in old favorite songs. And you don’t even need speakers to jam. This MP3 player has built-in HD speakers, but you can plug in wired headphones or connect a pair. Bluetooth headphones.

Music isn’t the only thing you can listen to with this pocket player. Load it up with audio books and get lost in a good story while you’re on your morning walk. Or you can connect to the FM radio and see what’s playing, but that only works with wired headphones. Backlit buttons can be a welcome sight if you want to switch to a specific playlist. No more blinding yourself to your phone screen when it’s time to search for a new song. Plus, it has an alarm clock to help you wake up.

Put your phone on an MP3 player that can also save battery

Enjoy up to 60 hours of music playback on a full charge with this compact music player.

For a limited time, find the essential of technology MP3 player with Bluetooth(Opens in a new tab) and 64GB TF card for $35.99 (eg $49).

Prices are subject to change.

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