Elon Musk: My dog ​​is running Twitter now.

Elon Musk Recently painted on “W”.Twitter“Sign to the company’s headquarters in San Francisco.”Titter.(Opens in a new tab)But if you need further proof that things are falling apart on social media, here’s Musk’s latest interview. The BBC’s James Clayton(Opens in a new tab)Twitter is now run by the dog.

First, it’s worth addressing the infamous interview (you can watch some of it in the video below) that aired on Twitter Spaces on Wednesday. Musk works the familiar dance between trying to be funny and evoking sympathy by talking about how hard it was. Twitter has fired several employees.. But when asked whether the fired employees should be given advance notice, the Twitter CEO declined to answer, instead passing the ball back to Clayton. And when asked on The rise of misinformation and fake news on Twitter Musk has seemed angry since taking over, asking the interviewer to cite an example of personal gain (for the record, There is research that suggests an increase in “misinformation” on Musk’s Twitter feed.(Opens in a new tab)).

Highlights of the interview, mostly around Twitter, included the social media company’s downsizing to just 1,500 employees (down from more than 7,000), Musk’s arrival. Shutting down Twitter’s data center(Opens in a new tab) In the year In December 2022, it was “horrible” and that Twitter is bleeding money right now.(Opens in a new tab) But “within months” cash flow is on track to be positive. On a recurring topic Twitter outage As of late, Musk says there have been “a few” but “not very long.”

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the field was his passing at the end. Twitter purchase agreement As the court felt it would. “Yes, that’s the reason,” Musk told the BBC.

Who’s running things at Twitter these days (Musk has previously said he respects the results. A Twitter poll where users decide whether to resign as CEO), tells Clayton that his dog is Floki.

“I said I’d appoint a new CEO and I did, and it’s my dog,” Musk said.

Musk said he shot himself in the foot “many times” with his tweets and probably should have stopped tweeting after 3 a.m. “At this point, I need bulletproof shoes.”

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