Dylan Mulvaney and Bud Light revealed this shocking truth about the sex-crazed cult

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Remember that “Bud Light Party” campaign During the 2016 election season? The beer behemoth paid vaguely left-wing celebrities Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan to tip their hats to Democrats. The only person convinced to open the flu is Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Now the beer king is paying tribute to trans activist Dylan Mulvaney by getting adults to dress up like Audrey Hepburn while drinking beer. For what was once the blue-collar drink of Middle America, this is not a winning sales strategy. It’s the CEO’s way of expressing his virtue while alienating a customer base too afraid to speak out loud.

One of my goals Candidacy for the presidency It is about closing the gap between what the people of the United States are willing to say behind closed doors and what they say in public. In that spirit, here goes: Dylan Mulvaney may need mental health care, not a support agreement.

The commemorative Bud Light could feature TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The commemorative Bud Light could feature TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney. (Dylan Mulvaney/Instagram)

Usually, this is a sign and sign when a person identifies their gender as different from their biological sex Those who suffer from mental illness. I reject the idea that it is somehow “humane” to make sure they are confused rather than helping them. It is inhumane.

Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney Controversy Hits Rural Distributors As Brand Guru Thinks Consumers Are Confused

This is simply stating a hard truth. Every leader should say so without apology. It shows that they are willing to lie when they are not Avoid criticism from Twitter Or when MSNBC CEOs, politicians and celebrities confirm people’s confusion, they simply make the problem worse.

Here is the truth: sexual intercourse in the public environment or social intercourse. Psychic epidemics have been well documented for over 300 years—as my friend Jordan Peterson rightly discovered. Western culture is occasionally consumed by social psychologies that lead certain groups to purgatory, especially the vulnerable among us.

Not unlike the religious self-flagellation of the 14th century, genital mutilation is the new self-sacrifice to the false idol of gender ideology in America. Notable 20th-century examples include multiple personality disorder, bulimia, and self-mutilation. The recent explosion in the number of gender dysphoria clinics is all the evidence you need to know that transgenderism is very recent.

The future of women’s sports is at risk because of the transfer of athletes

Over the past decade, more and more social anomalies have disappeared as people became skeptical and eventually rational people said “enough is enough”.

The difference today is that the left has turned gender into an important pillar of its ideological canon and used it as a springboard to subjugate its political rivals – crying “big” at anyone who questions this new cult.

Drew Barrymore interviewed Dylan Mulvaney "The Drew Barrymore Show."

Drew Barrymore interviews Dylan Mulvaney on “The Drew Barrymore Show.” (CBS)

Gender ideologies increasingly sexualize children (“Drag Queen Storytime”), make fun of women (“can’t take back what it means to be a woman”), and create women’s sports (Leah Thomas and countless others). It hurts. A zero-sum game where men with mental health problems dominate at the expense of women. Trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox punched her female opponent so hard she fractured her skull.

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When I was growing up, we called that violence against women. Now we call that victory for trans rights.

But for the ever-growing alphabet soup of “queer rights,” the trans movement has successfully wrapped itself in legitimacy and shut down rational debate or rational criticism.

Here’s how you know the belief system is based on religion rather than logic. The gay civil rights movement was based on a fundamental principle: that a person’s sexuality is strong at birth, even if it is not genetic. However, the trans movement tells us that your own gender is completely fluid in your life, even if you have the right sex chromosome. These two beliefs are impossible to reconcile simultaneously – yet LGBTQIA+ worship requires you to embrace them simultaneously.

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When this social distancing finally came to an end, everyone from JK Rowling to Jordan Peterson stood still as compassionate thought leaders who saved our culture from cultism while being publicly flogged.

Let’s drop the pretense that what ‘humane’ does is to justify gender confusion, instead Helping those who suffer from him. This is what it means to crack the cold hard truth.

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