Don Lemon was absent from the CNN Show's comments on Nikki Haley in the middle of Fallout.

A stunning exposé published Wednesday revealed that CNN was stuck with Don Lemon through thick and thin. The anchor threatened his female colleagues and also made provocative and inappropriate comments.

The news comes as Lemon has come under intense scrutiny for his behavior towards women after 51-year-old presidential candidate Nikki Haley said she was “not in her prime”. He was slammed from the right, from Grams, from Haley herself, and from the popular media. It was lemon He was forced to do it “Regular training” for the comments. Actress Michelle Yeoh referenced Lemon when she won the Oscar for Best Actress. “Ladies, don’t let anyone tell you that you are too much. Never give up,” said Yew.

But Lemon’s issues surfaced well before Haley’s comments with women, he says Difference Report it.

“Now you’ve crossed the line, and you’re going to pay for it,” writes CNN’s Kyra Phillips of the Times, which she obtained from an anonymous source. Phillips Lemon, now an ABC reporter, recently returned from a high-profile Iraq gig he had been dreaming of for himself.

Phillips was outraged by the article and quickly reached out to CNN’s top ratings to identify the sender. Two sources said. Difference After an HR investigation, two threatening messages were found with Lemon. However, the anchor was not fired, instead being demoted from a weekday show to a weekend show with Phillips. Amazingly, this wasn’t even the first incident Lemon had against Phillips. While she was stationed in Iraq, he said he was upset that he had been left tearing up photos and notes on the news pod they shared in Phillips’ desk. Difference Sources.

Regarding this case and many other cases by Difference, National assessment A spokesperson told CNN that the entertainment show does not offer any real proof, but instead relies on anonymous sources and unverified claims from 10 to 15 years ago. CNN could not verify the alleged accounts.

But Kira Phillips’ nightmare was only the tip of the iceberg. Lemon called one of the female editors fat to her face. Difference He reported. He mocked Nancy Grace on air by mimicking her. Lemon was so upset that another colleague, Solodad O’Brien, landed CNN’s high-profile hosting gig. Black in America In the documents, two witnesses said O’Brien pointed out that he was not black during an editorial call attended by about 30 employees.

A CNN spokesperson said. National assessment “Don, Soledad and others have rightly mentioned her Afro-Cuban heritage as a unique part of her personal story in the past. But Don spoke in a way that disparaged any relevant comments.

Lemon, who recently lost his coveted top spot and is now hosting CNN. this morning He has a history of eyebrow-raising incidents that made it difficult to work with two female hosts. The anchor has reportedly named famous friends. But he was proud of his argument Difference Lemon has failed to substantiate allegations of racial discrimination against the Chicago PD. Lemon began dating a 22-year-old male worker who had just dropped out of college. The anchor was 41 at the time.

A senior executive at the time said, “As soon as you put the rules in place, Don folded.” Difference.

Despite CNN’s support, the anchor has consistently flouted the network, skipping editorial calls and showing up late for the newsroom, according to Entertainment . When he got a coveted gig at Staples Center covering Michael Jackson’s funeral, Lemon Anderson reportedly complained that Cooper was getting more air time.

Difference Former CNN consultant Goldie Taylor, a frequent guest on Lemon’s weekend show, reported that she was immediately blacklisted when she criticized his deviant behavior.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Don got in trouble,” Taylor told the entertainment station. “It’s neither happy nor sad to see him hurt his own success. There was a time when black people were known to be his rage. Now, when he says something offensive, I almost always feel like the woman is on the other side.”

CNN “refused to weigh in on the network’s booking practices for unpaid guests a decade ago,” a spokeswoman said. National assessment.

On another occasion, Lemon said she had to fight a member of Cosby’s case against Bill Cosby for rape. Separately, some of his colleagues questioned his journalistic ethics when he refused to hand over his phone to authorities after speaking to Jussie Smollett about the alleged hate crime. National assessment CNN was told that the contact was a journalistic act, as Don was trying to get a response from Mr. Smollett and get him booked for the show.

But the anchor managed to please his bosses, with CNN repeatedly standing by him. He developed a close friendship with Phil Kent, chairman and CEO of Turner Broadcasting Systems, who controlled CNN’s parent company from 2003 to 2013. Jeff Zucker also tolerated the anchor’s overreach, but fired popular anchor Chris Cuomo without reprimanding Lemon. Zucker’s successor, CNN president Chris Licht, condemned Lemon over Haley’s comments and forced the anchor to undergo formal training.

Lemon stocks have increased under Trump. After calling him “dumb as a rock” in 2016. However, it has since relegated to a morning show with low ratings.

His colleagues at CNNS this morning Poppy Harlow and Caitlan Collins are two female journalists. After Lemon Haley’s comments, Harlow flees the set and Collins follows Harlow to try to talk to her friend, the anchor. Difference He reported.

In the statement he received National assessmentA spokesperson for Lemon expressed his displeasure. difference’s general report.

“A story full of sensationalist lies and no real evidence, based entirely on unsourced, unsubstantiated, 15-year-old anonymous rumours. It’s amazing and sad. Difference It will be very careless,” the statement read.

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