Dinner B4 delicious!  Sukihana says courting comes first and Erica Banks accepts her date invitation.

feel like Sukihana And Erica Banks Make plans to involve each other this Friday! Tuesday Female rappers In a series of tweets, he seems to have agreed on a date.

Things started when Erika tweeted her response Suki’s song to eat. The candid track talks about oral sex between a man and a woman. But Erica said she didn’t feel like doing the ‘eating’.

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“I love Si Suki but I can’t eat now girl? I can do it, refresh the shower plz.”

Sukihana Erica Banks used a tweet to ask if he might be interested: sexual and romantic, it seems.

“Is Erica Banks really gay or is she in real life, so if she wants to go on a date I’ll take her out to eat,” Sookie tweeted.

Erika asks about the sexual pass and Sukihana says dating comes first.

In return, Banks seems to confirm her desire to be intimate with a woman. She mentions her previous relationship with Sookie–suggesting that there is time for casual sex.

“Now, Sookie, why didn’t you take me out to the pool party that time, but I want to go on a date,” Banks replied.

Sookie wasted no time clearing the air about her stance on dating. Within minutes, She replied For banks, indicating the date and asking the time.

“Listen Erica, we’re starting dates around here. Don’t know what Nika you’ve been with. We love each other and we don’t eat each other’s c*** hyenas. So just tell me when we go.”

Banks kept her response straight to the point, writing, “You know what–Friday.” And Sukihana ends it with “Time”.

But this is all we know about Christmas!

Roomies, what do you think? Are you flirting or giving your potential bae watch?

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