A report has detailed the extent of Cristiano Ronaldo's hidden misdeeds at Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s fall from grace as the world’s greatest footballer has been rife with wags on social media.

Ronaldo has left Manchester United at the end of 2022, accusing the club of a lack of interest and disrespecting manager Erik ten Haag.

When United failed to secure Champions League football last season, the Portuguese spent the summer trying to make a move to a team that would qualify for the top flight, but failed and had no choice but to stay at the club until the blowout came. An interview with Piers Morgan was arranged.

With no option but to leave the club and terminate his contract, he again failed to attract any suitors and eventually signed for Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr.

It’s an undignified fall from grace, no matter how much the superstar and his people try to spin it as something else.

It seems fitting, then, that Ronaldo finds himself fronting a budget supermarket chain in advertising deals with the likes of Nike and TAG Heuer.

Al Nasser’s kit is the same yellow and blue as Lidl’s corporate colours, and this inspired the retailer to print it. Advertise via LinkedIn He named Cristiano as “Employee of the Month” and said that “even the best in the world can’t resist working in blue and yellow.”

This sparked videos that went viral on social media.

Using an image from Al Nasr’s kit, Ronaldo has been edited into scenes from Lidl, with a Lidl badge affixed to the kit, along with his son Cristiano Jr. in a reduced value chain aisle.

Ronaldo jumps up and down doing warm-up exercises before a tannoy announcement asks him to stop jumping in the aisle.

In another ad in the same vein, Ronaldo grabs a bottle of water from the shelves before the tannoy announcer orders him to check out.

Having a laugh at his expense is a consolation for United fans who have been left shocked by the way the hero has shown the club.

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