Costco actually took this guy's cake order and the results are hilarious.

Well, you can’t say Costco can’t follow directions.

On April 2, Reddit user Stephen Walker (known on the forum as u/FlipDemStocks); A collection of images has been posted In the r/funny subreddit, it’s gotten a lot of attention — and laughs. In the viral post, Walker shows the results of a recent cake request at a local Costco.

“Costco gives you things you know you don’t really need,” Walker wrote in the post, sharing three images that show not a comedy of errors, but a celebration, if you will. In the first picture, Walker shows the white question Half sheet cakeopting to have no writing or design on the cake and a note saying “Please check back”.

Walker's instructions to Costco.  (Courtesy Stephen Walker)

Walker’s instructions to Costco. (Courtesy Stephen Walker)

The second image includes the picture in question – an isometric rendering of the shape of a cake. Along with a simple line drawing, Walker posed the question: “No writing,” “No pattern,” and “Just ask for red frosting around the top/bottom.” Simple enough, right?

Walker's most famous painting now.  (Courtesy Stephen Walker)

Walker’s most famous painting now. (Courtesy Stephen Walker)

“I used a black pen to draw a quick sketch of what I thought the cake would look like,” Walker told, holding up his little girl’s red magic marker to draw where the red border would go. “I was like, ‘I’ve got directions and a little example. You can’t mess this up. right?'”

Well, the Costco cake artist followed Walker’s request to the letter and copied the picture perfectly and placed it nicely on the cake — even though it wasn’t what he wanted. Even the black lines in the original design are finished with black frosting.

Costco did not respond to a request for comment.

Walker cake in the Costco cart.  (Courtesy Stephen Walker)

Walker cake in the Costco cart. (Courtesy Stephen Walker)

The response to Walker’s cake adventure has been almost overwhelmingly positive, with thousands of people taking to the comments to share their feelings.

“Task failed successfully.” He wrote A Reddit user.

“It’s a thing of beauty.” He wrote Another Redditor.

“This is a TLDR result.” He wrote Another user. (TL, DR means “too long; didn’t read”.)

Another person said: “Lol, I’m surprised they’re posting such a stereotype. He wroteto another They replied“and the two tones. It’s amazing how that jewel got those details but completely missed the bigger picture.”

One user had a theory about how this disturbing effect was achieved.

“I think they would have known if you didn’t include the picture,” one redditor wrote. He wroteWalker asked, “Shall I try next time?” he replied.

“My son’s birthday was actually March 26, but we’re planning to celebrate in early April,” Walker says. “My wife handles all the planning and decorating and all that, so I was like, ‘OK, I’m in charge of the cake. I can’t mess this up. right?'”

For Walker, who bought the cake for his son’s 3rd birthday, the mistake wasn’t really a big deal to him. He had already bought a red cake topper, and was planning to put it on top of the empty cake.

“I picked it up on a Saturday morning and I was in a time crunch,” says Walker, who was confused at first when he saw the cake, but shrugged it off and joked to the cashier that he could tell. But the baker refused about it. “We were in a hurry, so I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll just brush it off.’

Walker said the party went off without a hitch, saving him for the moment to think the cake was an April Fools’ joke. Moreover, the father and the software engineer plan to make the comedy cake a new kind of culture.

“Maybe next year I’ll send a picture of a cake I took with a shadow on my back to that bakery and say, ‘Can you print this? A cake topper?’ ” Walker jokes. “That would just be the icing on the cake, and I’d just take a picture every year. So it’s like a painting of a painting, like an ‘inception’.

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