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Police in Colorado They continued to dig up a body encased in concrete at the condominium site, which they believed to be that of a friend and criminal suspect killed in an altercation last year.

The piled-up concrete grave, where human remains were cracked, was found Tuesday under a condominium unit, police said after receiving information from the missing man’s mother, 36-year-old Carl Beaman, as well as a neighbor in the condo complex. in Aurora, a suburb of Denver, according to court documents.

“Investigators are working with outside contractors to safely recover the body. The exhumation process is expected to last through the weekend,” Aurora police said in a statement.

Cassie Bock, a woman who lived in the apartment, told police that Leroy Crawford, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her two children, killed Beman. Suffocate with a plastic bag. Brooke told police the murder occurred in June 2022, though she was unsure of the exact time. Bock She knew it was sometime between May and September 2022, a time when Crawford was caught up in two separate and unrelated cases.

After his arrest Tuesday in Beeman’s death, Bock told police that Crawford “forced” him to help him put Beeman’s body in a crawl space under her condo, and then returned the next day with construction equipment and a bag of concrete to cover the body. Later, after cracks appeared, Crawford returned to add more concrete, according to her arrest affidavit.

Denver will spend up to $20 million on immigrants over six months, officials said.

Denver police on Thursday exhumed a body found in a concrete grave under a condominium.

Denver police on Thursday exhumed a body found in a concrete grave under a condominium.

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Bock told police that Crawford threatened to hurt her if she didn’t help him and that she had a long history with him. Unfair relationship with him. Her attorney, Elsa Archambault, declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Crawford was arrested in connection with Beeman’s death, police said.

Online court records show Crawford was represented by an undisclosed attorney from the public defender’s office, which has a policy of not commenting to the media.

Beeman’s mother, Kyla Dubberstein of Phoenix, told police she would not hear from her daughter until around Mother’s Day in May 2022. He hired a private investigator. And set up a Facebook page to help find him. She also tried to report him missing in another Denver neighborhood last year, but he was never entered into the national criminal database as a missing person, the affidavit said.

On April 1, Dubberstein called police in Aurora after a man, later identified as Bock’s neighbor, left a tip on his Facebook page that Bock had been buried in the same area where Beeman had visited while on drugs. Her condo. The neighbor later told police that Bock had come to her recently “in a panic” about people inside her wall. According to his neighbor, Bock, Crawford and Beeman were stealing catalytic converters and after they were caught or arrested, Crawford became convinced that Beeman was a police informant and fought with Beeman and killed him.

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