Chatgpty falsely accuses Jonathan Turlin of sexual harassment, creating a fake Wapo story to support his allegations.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley has doubled down on his warnings about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI). Online bot ChatGPTHe cited a fictional article to support his claim.

Fox News contributor Tully spoke candidly about it. Artificial Intelligence And the ChatGPT bot, the latest iteration of an AI chatbot, has publicly expressed its concerns about the threat of disinformation. Last week, a UCLA professor and friend of Turley’s informed him that his name had appeared in a search while he was doing research on ChatGPT. The bot was asked to provide support with “relevant newspaper articles” citing five examples of “sexual harassment” by American law professors.

Constitutional law attorney Jonathan Turley on Fox News.

Constitutional law attorney Jonathan Turley on Fox News. (Fox News)

“Five professors came forward, and three of those stories were clearly false, including my own,” Turley told “The Story” on Fox News Monday. “The most disturbing thing about this incident is that the AI ​​system did a Washington Post story and produced a quote from that story and said there was this allegation of harassment on a trip to Alaska with students. That trip never happened. I’ve never been on any trip with any law students. Teach at the wrong school. I was, and I have never been accused of sexual harassment.”

The constitutional jurist exposed this in a tweet that was widely distributed last Thursday ChatGPT deleted the name. Creating a 2018 incident in which a former female student was accused of sexual harassment while on a school trip to Alaska. The robot “made sexually suggestive comments” and “tried to touch her sexually,” he even quoted a Washington Post article.

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“You had an AI system that generated the entire story, but also the article and the quote,” Turley said on “US Reports.” “And the Washington Post was cryptic when they looked at it and we can’t even figure out how an AI would come up with this because we don’t have any relevant or even referable history.”

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BERLIN, GERMANY - APRIL 03: Iconic photo: The logo of the chatbot ChatGPT from the company OpenAI is seen on a smartphone.

BERLIN, GERMANY – APRIL 03: Iconic photo: The logo of the chatbot ChatGPT from the company OpenAI is seen on a smartphone. ((Photo by Thomas Truschel/Phototech via Getty Images))

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot whose main function is to imitate a human in conversation. Users around the world have used ChatGPT to write emails, edit computer programs, conduct research, write articles and song lyrics, and more.

Turley said his personal experience with the robot serves as a “caution” around artificial intelligence globally, urging news outlets to avoid using the software.

“I was lucky enough to learn early on that, in most cases, this is repeated a million times over the internet and the trail is frozen. You can’t tell if it’s from an AI system,” he said. . “And for an academic, there can’t be anything harmful to your career that people associate this kind of accusation with you and your position. So I think this is a cautionary tale, AI often brings this patter of accuracy and neutrality.”

Similar to humans, the global phenomenon has one. Ideology and bias His own Turley argued.

Welcome to ChatGPT Mail from US company OpenAI.

Welcome to ChatGPT Mail from US company OpenAI. (Silas Stein/Image courtesy of Getty Images)

“As an algorithm, it’s fine with the people who program it,” says Chatgpty, who has yet to apologize for the invention story that defamed him.

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“I haven’t even heard from that company,” Turley continued. “That story, different news organizations got it. They didn’t say anything. And that’s dangerous. Because when a name like that goes missing, they know how to find it in a journalist’s article. You know. Who do I have to talk to. With AI, it’s often not there, and chatgpty just shuts down.” They seem to have shrugged it off.

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