Casper just launched two brand-new mattresses, and one will be perfect for summer.

Casper is back, baby. The bedding brand in a box has now launched two new mattresses: The Casper, a throwback to the company’s first mattress model, and Snow, which focuses on cooling technology for people prone to overheating while sleeping.

Both models are currently available on Casper’s website, and are available in sizes from twin to California King. Here’s the lowdown on each.

The Casper serves as a tribute to the mattress that started it all, just at a very affordable price (starting at $595). The mattress uses Casper’s signature foam layers as well as premium memory foam to provide all-night comfort and ergonomic support. It also makes good use of the brand’s patented Airscape technology, which makes the mattress breathable and keeps heat and moisture away from you when you’re counting sheep. If you pick up The Casper directly from the company’s website, you’ll get some extras, including a sheet set and one. Casper pillow.

The snow mattress couldn’t have come at a better time. As the weather starts to warm, overheating in the middle of the night becomes more of a risk, and Snow aims to solve that problem. You get zonal support and premium foam construction. This includes the CoolTouch cover made with a special cooling thread, HeatDelete Bands that wick heat away from your body, and air scoop holes that allow the mattress to breathe. It’s not cheap, but if you regularly wake up in a pool of sweat during the summer, it might be worth the investment.

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