California doctor accused of poisoning husband with Drano was trying to kill ants, not her partner, lawyers say

A woman pouring a jar of Drano

A photo of Jack Chen’s dermatologist and wife Yui Yu ingesting Drano appears. He accuses Chen Yu of trying to poison him.Jack Chen

  • A husband poisoned his wife’s tea with Drano a few times and took it for a stomach ulcer.

  • A grand jury indicted his wife Yue “Emily” Yu on charges of poisoning and domestic battery.

  • Yu’s lawyers said Drano was an ant infestation.

Southern California physician She was accused of pouring her husband’s tea with Drano She was not trying to poison her partner, but was trying to solve an ant infestation, her lawyers said.

Orange County-based dermatologist Yui “Emily” Yu was arrested last year after her husband, Jack Chen, accused her of poisoning hot tea with Drano on three separate occasions.

Around March and April of last year, Chen’s suspicion of poisoning led him to set up cameras to try to catch Yut in the kitchen. According to the ban documents.

Hand hold for Drano jar.

Drano Jack Chen’s photo was used by his wife Yui Yu to poison him.Jack Chen

But Yu’s attorneys, Scott Simmons and David Dworakowski, say the allegations that Yu was trying to solve an ant attack and that she poisoned her husband, along with video footage showing Yu pouring liquid cleaner into a cup, are false and misleading.

“She pours Drano into the cup three times – to kill the ants. That’s no argument.” Simmons told ABC 7.. “She poured Drano into the cup.”

Simmons and Dworakowski did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Chen’s attorney, Steve Hittleman, told Insider on behalf of their client that the family has not had an ant problem.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of someone using Drano in a drinking cup,” Hittleman said.

Dvorakovski He told the New York Post. Yu relied on “unusual methods” to get rid of the ants.

Chen filed for divorce and sought a restraining order against Yu last year after he suspected a “chemical taste” in his hot tea around March and April last year.

According to the documents, Chen, a radiologist, visited a doctor to investigate the symptoms he was developing and was diagnosed with two stomach ulcers, gastric and esophageal cancer.

A woman pouring Drano on the kitchen table.

The photo appears to show Yue Yue pouring contents from an orange pot next to the dining table.Jack Chen

“Based on my suspicions about the test and the chemical taste, I placed cameras in our kitchen,” Chen said in his request for a restraining order. “I got footage of Emily picking poison on three occasions.”

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is using the footage in its case against Yu. Orange County Grand Jury He filed a lawsuit against the U. on April 5 on three counts of felony poisoning and one count of domestic battery.

“On July 11, July 18, and July 25, 2022, Yu Yu was videotaped pouring liquid water from a bottle.
She called more of her husband’s tea left on the table. The DA’s office said in a news release about the indictment..

Simmons told ABC7 that Yu was set up by her husband “putting spy cameras or hidden cameras in the kitchen to catch her” by pouring out the liquid. “Then he said he was poisoned.”

According to the district attorney, Chen also turned over tea samples to the Irvine Police Department. An FBI investigation found a liquid cleaner at the property.

Yu’s arraignment is set for April 18.

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