Brooks Koepka-Gary Woodland Masters rules violation in other caddies' eyes: 'Both guilty'

Augusta, Ga. – Brooks Koepka and Gary Woodland were seen by the Masters tournament committee after their rounds on Friday. It marked the second time that the 15-year-old could have violated the lawTh Thursday’s first round hole at Augusta National was important.

First, the investigation focused on whether Koepka’s caddy, Ricky Elliott, gave verbal advice that was not allowed under the Laws of Golf, which club Koepka used to Woodland’s caddy, Brennan, for the second shot on the par 5. Bucci” bit. On the second occasion, the focus was on Koepka making a hand gesture.

“It was just my hand and my glove today,” said Koepka, who shot 67 to lead the clubhouse at 12-under 132.

Woodland said it was enough of a point of contention on social media that Masters officials told him he was “taking a big life.”

Brooks Koepka (bottom) and Gary Woodland (top) walk the 15th fairway during the second round of the Masters golf tournament.

Brooks Koepka (bottom) and Gary Woodland (top) walk the 15th fairway during the second round of the Masters golf tournament.

After Wednesday and Friday, Woodland gave his own version of what happened on Thursday.

“At the end of the day, Brooks hit a 15. I asked Butch if he saw what he hit. He said no. Fortunately, Brooks hit a 5-iron. I hit a 5-iron. I asked Butch what the club was and he said it was a perfect 5,” Woodland said. I hit it. When we went down, I asked Brooks what hit him and he said 5. If I had known that, I probably would have hit a 6-iron and hit a 6-iron in the middle of the water. Luckily, I didn’t know what hit him. That’s the end of it.”

Asked what the caddy told the committee, Koepka said, “I think what they’re saying is when they’re pointing out something to someone or pointing out to someone what it is.” Butchi was not. Because they asked us what happened when we were walking down the highway, so they didn’t know anything.

“I’m taking my gloves off,” he added. The last one I do is for Gary Woodland, the US Open. And the funny part of that is if he knew we were going to hit five, he would have hit six because I don’t think Gary is short and he’s 10 in front of me and 12 in front of me.

In Article-5 15Th Koepka holed up in the first round and Woodland hit his tee shot 10 yards short to the same general area as Koepka. Video of the hole Koepka hits the second and hands the club back to Elliott. As he stuck the club in the bag and grabbed Koepka’s putter, Woodland appeared to say “five” not once but twice to Woodland’s caddy – Brennan Minor Elliott – before hitting a second shot.

“Wow, so that’s what professional golf is all about, lip reading?” Caddy Andy Martinez, who has spent more than 50 years on the PGA Tour, especially for Johnny Miller and, more recently, a pair of PGA Tour Champions events this season for Michael Allen. “One of my rules is not to look in another man’s bag. My thinking is that if you have all the right numbers and you get your player out there and you need help from everybody else, that’s unfortunate. I’ve seen men like this in years. They expect you to give them advice, but not from me.

Several veteran caddies, who asked not to be named because they could go along with Koepka and Woodland, said it was a clear violation of Rule 10-2a and should have resulted in a two-stroke penalty.

“It seems very vague. I think all they should have done was ask Brooks one question: Which club did you hit? And that said everything that needed to be said,” said the now independent tourism professional. “That stuff happens, but it doesn’t happen with sound. You can go through the bag without touching anything and get a good idea. Sometimes the people point their fingers at the people on the TV and you watch just for that. It happens. When he says that, this will not happen, this is a violation. I think they should both be upset. Both are guilty.”

“I love Ricky to death,” said another longtime caddy with more than 10 wins on tour. Normally, you stand back from the bag and let your form show, or hold the club while you clean the bottom of the club. It’s sad what happened yesterday and what it could mean.

The longtime caddy said he spoke to a PGA Tour rules official about Elliott and Koepka’s actions on Thursday night at 15 p.m., and that the official was furious and thought Koepka should be penalized, but his hands were tied because he didn’t fall in the Masters. The power.

The Masters tournament committee issued the following notice after the match on Thursday: “Following the conclusion of the Brooks Koepka tournament, the committee has asked the caddy and other members of the team about the situation on No. 15.” Advice is given or asked. Therefore, the committee decided that there was no violation of law.

This article originally appeared in the Augusta Chronicle: Koepka, Woodland asked about action on number 15

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