Bookstore closes amid Amazon layoffs

Online bookstore Bookstore has shut down after two decades of delivering books worldwide for free.

“We’d like to say ‘thank you’ from all of us at the Bookstore.” The UK-based company said in a statement on Thursday.(Opens in a new tab) “It’s been a pleasure to bring you your favorite reading since 2007.”

The bookstore’s last day of business will be April 26 and will continue to accept orders until 7am EST/12pm BST. It will also continue to provide support for any order issues until June 23rd, but after that it’s on you.

Any book lovers who have a pre-order at the bookstore may want to check the expected release date of the novel. Books pre-ordered before April 26 will be delivered as normal, with the Bookstore contacting customers to issue refunds for those not delivered by that date.

Many customers are saddling bookstores on social media, delivering books at affordable prices to readers around the world. He was especially popular for providing people with books they couldn’t get in their own country, as well as hard-to-find free titles.

Although the announcement offered no official reason for the closure, the bookstore’s demise comes amid mass layoffs at its parent company, Amazon. About 27,000 job cuts In the last four months, including in the tools and book businesses(Opens in a new tab), when Amazon tries to reduce costs. Bookstore was acquired by Amazon in 2011.

Mashable has reached out to both the bookstore and Amazon for comment.

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