Biden's new emissions rules are going to put you in an EV.

Newly proposed auto emissions standards are making the Biden administration’s auto future as clear as clean air: Americans should buy EVs.

Wednesday, Environmental Protection Agency He announced the ideas of the Biden administration(Opens in a new tab) It aims to create “the toughest ever pollution standards for cars and trucks”. The twin proposals — one for light- and medium-duty vehicles such as passenger cars, and the other for heavy-duty trucks — seek to improve air quality and reduce air pollution by limiting gas-powered cars on the road.

Rather than focusing on tailpipe emissions from fossil fuel-burning cars, the central goal of this proposal is to reduce emissions by keeping such vehicles off the road. For example, if the rules go into effect, 67 percent of car sales will be electric vehicles by 2031, according to EPA projections.

The EV industry is already growing rapidly. Before this idea S&P(Opens in a new tab) It has already predicted that electric vehicles will account for 40 percent of car sales by 2030. Mario Kart Addition of mushrooms to EV production. Although perhaps less exciting for car companies, these new regulations mean a major compliance overhaul. The auto industry is already going green, but these new standards will set the pace of EV adoption even faster. For the average consumer, this means that car options will soon be mostly electric.

The agency estimates that the new standards could save 50 billion tons of carbon emissions by 2055. The proposed emission standards are not just for clean air. It would rid the US of “approximately 20 billion barrels” of foreign oil dependence. The EPA also notes that drivers can save an estimated $12,000 in fuel and maintenance costs by switching to an EV.

The proposals will be published in the Federal Register on April 13, making them available for public comment. If these laws go into effect, they are the green lights for Biden’s vision for an electric future.

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