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An Bank of Australia It is now offering six weeks of paid leave to workers seeking to change their legal gender, whether surgical or otherwise.

Suncorp, the banking, finance and insurance corporation, announced new benefits for transgender employees last month during “Global Pride Week.” SunCorp New Zealand Insurance He announced the same benefits.

“Suncorp Group is delighted to announce that it is introducing new leave entitlements for gender-affirming employees,” the company said in a press release. “Six weeks of paid gender confirmation leave and up to 12 months of unpaid leave will be available to relevant Suncorp employees, allowing employees the time and financial support they need to engage in the steps they need to confirm their gender.”

Employees use the license to identify themselves as transgender to friends and family; Change their pronounsBuy clothes that match their gender identity, change their name or gender on official documents, or undergo surgery and hormone therapy.

A transgender flag is up on a pole.

A transgender flag is up on a pole. (Getty)

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He said the move by the bank and the insurance corporation was to strengthen their commitment. to “inclusivity.”

“This is something we are very passionate about as part of our desire to become a truly inclusive organisation,” said Kathryn Dixon, general manager of people and culture at Suncorp New Zealand.

Dixon acknowledged the move was controversial but “very important.”

“There’s no doubt that it’s one of the most challenging areas of inclusion for most people to understand, but it’s so important to give people the opportunity to spend that time,” she says.

Bank of Australia has announced paid leave for employees seeking gender surgery and other forms of treatment.

Bank of Australia has announced paid leave for employees seeking gender surgery and other forms of treatment. (CBS Snapshot)

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The executive said the announcement was well received by employees. However, feedback suggests they seek other types of vacations instead.

“Not everyone understands the challenges of being in that position, but when they’re commenting on the type of vacation they think we should be providing, that’s not high on people’s agendas,” Dixon said. HCA Magazine.

Suncorp employee Vera Dawson was pleased with the decision.

Dawson, who has implemented “gender-affirming” procedures, credited the decision with helping transgender employees feel confident and comfortable with their employers.

“Seeing Suncorp have this kind of licensing right will definitely have an impact on how new startups are viewed, trusted and supported by their employer,” Vera said.

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