Arizona police said

A Chandler woman says her husband saved her life when a gun-toting neighbor opened fire as they drove to pick up their mail.

Looking up, the Arizona woman saw her 58-year-old husband — who had ducked his head to avoid being shot — He had been shot. “Several times” and died, the police told KNXV.

Channing Vanderbilt, 31, was arrested. Charges including murder and on Monday, April 3 at 4:47 p.m., Chandler police said in a news release.

Vanderbilt, who lives nearby, stood up as a spectator When police arrived, the Arizona Republic reported. He denied shooting anyone and told police someone planted a gun in his pickup truck.

According to the newspaper, he also told the police that he took some of the bullet shields as souvenirs.

The woman told Vanderbilt police officers that she and her husband were driving to a neighborhood mailbox to pick up mail when a gunshot began, police said.

Police told KNXV the attack was “unprovoked.”

After seeing her husband shot, police said the woman called 911 and told officers Vanderbilt was the gunman.

Police said they responded to a report earlier that someone had shot into a cinder block wall in the area. They are investigating to see if the incidents are related.

Chandler is a city of 280,000 people about 20 miles southeast of Phoenix.

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