Ariana Grande slams body-shamers, reveals struggles with alcohol, depression

To millions of fans, Ariana Grande is the living embodiment of endless confidence and that younger generation calls “swag.”

But while Arie’s personality may be larger than life, she’s still a person with real feelings and concerns.

And when she reads hurtful comments about her appearance, she reacts like anyone else.

In a heartbreaking new Tik Tok video, Ariana recently revealed that she needs to address the public’s “concerns” about her body.

“I think we should be gentle and comfortable commenting on people’s bodies no matter what,” Grande said.

If you think you’re saying something good or well thought out, no matter what it is – healthy, unhealthy, big, small, this, that, sexist, not sexist – we just don’t have to say it. We really need to work on not doing that much.

It was a quieter, more subdued Ariana than fans are used to seeing, and the gravity of her tone underscored the gravity of her message.

Ariana Grande photo
Ariana Grande accepts an award at the MTV Music Awards. (Photo by Getty)

“I think there are ways to compliment someone or ignore something you don’t like,” she added.

“Just planning to stay safe and protect each other.”

From there, Ariana gave a very personal confession about her struggles in recent years.

US singer-songwriter Ariana Grande arrives for the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles. (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP) (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

“For me personally, the body you’re comparing my current body to is an unhealthy version of my body,” she said.

“I was taking a lot of anti-depressants, and I was drinking on them, and I was eating very well, and at the lowest points in my life, when I looked at what I considered ‘healthy,’ that really wasn’t my health.”

It couldn’t have been easier for Ariana to share such a personal struggle with such a large audience.

American singer Ariana Grande attends Billboard’s 13th Annual Women in Music Awards held at Pier 36 on December 6, 2018 in New York City.

But the singer told fans that “good things can come” to open such a difficult conversation.

“Healthy can look different,” Grande continued.

“You never know what someone is going through, so even if you’re coming from a loving place or a caring place, that person is probably working on it or has a support system that’s working on it,” she added. .

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 06: Ariana Grande attends Billboard’s 13th Annual Women in Music at Pier 36 on December 6, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

“You never know, so be gentle with each other and yourselves.”

Ariana married Dalton Gomez. In the year in 2021, and she’s been keeping a low profile ever since – hopefully, because she’s getting all the love and support she needs at home.

In any case, her comments will make those tempted to comment on their loved ones’ appearance think twice before doing so.

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