An Alaskan father has received a new heart after losing a transplant due to a historic winter storm

An Alaskan father of seven is a A life-saving transplant After losing the surgery, he finally got a new heart.

Patrick HollandSuffering congestive heart failure, he was scheduled for a heart transplant at Seattle Washington Medical Center in December, as previously reported. Shadow room.

An Alaskan father of seven has finally received a new heart after missing a transplant due to a historic winter storm.

But after historic winter weather canceled all flights and forced him to stay indoors, he was forced to give his heart to someone else.

During a recent interview with Alaska Public RadioThe 57-year-old said he decided to move to Seattle that week “so as not to miss another opportunity.”

After four months of waiting, he finally received the transplant on March 30 after a healthy heart was found.

“It really didn’t feel right,” said his wife, Haley CNN“He didn’t even have time to tell me I love him,” she said before he went in for surgery.

Holland is “recovering slowly” and has had a few setbacks, the wife says.

She says her husband has been “slowly recovering” since then. He overcame some “minor hurdles,” such as requiring a second blood transfusion because their numbers were small.

“It has its ups and downs — minor complications requiring a second transfusion because the numbers are low, and increasing nausea and discomfort,” she wrote in a GoFundMe update on Monday.

Haley asked for prayers in another Facebook update. On Tuesday, she wrote that her husband began experiencing “some discomfort” after the biopsy and removal of the heart valve, though she added that the procedures “went without a hitch.”

It wasn’t long before you wrote that the transplant surgeon called to tell me that Patrick had lost a large amount of blood.

Holland’s cardiologist said ‘it’s going in the right direction’

She added that doctors could not immediately find any “clear cause” but were monitoring him.

“Thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts,” Haley wrote.

Patrick’s cardiologist said. CNN Last week, although “there are always a few bumps in the road with operations like this,” he said, “Overall it’s trending in the right direction.”

The family would like to thank the GoFundMe donors

Haley says Patrick, who suffered a “major” heart attack in his 20s, is now able to enjoy life with his new heart “it feels like a miracle”.

“He cries because this is not the heart he was born from,” she told CNN. “It’s very touching and it’s a miracle that Patrick now has a new heart to enjoy life with.”

The family thanked everyone who helped during “one of the most difficult times in our family’s history.”

“You have helped us through the most difficult time in our family’s 18-year history,” Haley said in a GoFundMe update Monday. “We couldn’t be more grateful.”

Those who wish to donate can do so over here.

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