Jinger Duggar Cancels Event at Last Minute Amid Ongoing Rumors of Marital Trouble

What’s going on with Jinger Duggar?

It’s a question her fans have often asked about her troubled upbringing and early years of independence from her domineering parents.

But Jinger may have thought she answered those burning questions in her latest best-selling memoir.

Unfortunately, you can’t stop it all of them Just pour some tea and consider thirsty fans.

Jinger is speaking her mind more than ever these days. And her parents might not like what she has to say. (Photo via Instagram)

These days, Duggar watchers are once again convinced that Jinger and Jeremy have broken up.

The rumors have been swirling for years, but they quieted down a bit during Jinger’s recent press tour to promote her book.

Jeremy was often by her side at media events, and in his absence, she spoke very fondly of their marriage.

Photo by Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo
Fans think Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have called it quits. (Photo via TLC)

But now the rumors are starting to resurface in a big way.

In fact, fans seem more certain than ever that Jinger and Jeremy have broken up.

The first “hint” came last week, fans noticed that Jinger is not wearing her wedding ring. On a recent trip to her family’s home in Arkansas.

Is there trouble in Jinger’s marriage? She is not wearing a wedding ring in this recent photo. (Photo via Instagram)

Apparently, Jinger may have removed her ring for a variety of reasons, but dozens of Instagram commenters took it as a sign that there was trouble in paradise.

On Tuesday, Jinger canceled a scheduled YouTube live event at the last minute, and not surprisingly, it’s being taken as further evidence that she and Jeremy are on the rocks.




“So we were going to do YouTube live and I apologize,” Jinger told fans on Instagram Live.

Jinger Duggar canceled a promotional event this week at the last minute. (Photo via Instagram)

“Something came up and we couldn’t jump on that YouTube Live today. But stay tuned, we plan to do it later this week,” she continued.

“So thanks for your understanding folks.”

Naturally, fans were quick to take this as another sign that Jinger and Jeremy have gone their separate ways.

Jinger Duggar is making another bold fashion statement. She is clearly loving her life of freedom! (Photo via Instagram)

Although fans aren’t sure as they’ve spotted Jinger on her bare ring finger during her time in Arkansas.


“Jinger isn’t wearing her engagement and wedding rings??” one commenter asked at the time.

“Perhaps Jeremy is all right?” asked the other.

A kiss from Jinger.
Jeremy Vuolo is smiling for good reason. He’s humming from his wife.

Others were quick to point out that there was no real reason to believe that Ginge and Jr. had gone their separate ways.

“Maybe [the rings] They are being purged,” wrote one well-wisher.

“Maybe they don’t fit anymore and the size is changing, maybe she doesn’t like wearing jewelry.”

Jeremy Vuolo and famous wife
Jeremy Vuolo posted a photo of himself and his wife in late 2020. They look great together!

“I take mine off when I’m holding babies because depending on the style, babies/toddlers can scratch and scratch easily,” added another.

Divorce is strictly forbidden in the Duggar world, and while Jinger has ignored many of her parents’ rules, she probably won’t be putting it aside anytime soon.

But if she and Jeremy do end up together, hopefully they’re not doing it out of necessity.


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