Amazing entertainment shows how Jeremy Renner was crushed by a snow plow

Jeremy Renner speaks in first interview since snow plow accident - ABC

Jeremy Renner speaks in first interview since snow plow accident – ABC

Jeremy Renner shares exactly how his brush with death in a snow plow accident unfolded. This caused a life-changing injury.

The Oscar-nominated actor said he “forgot to apply the parking brake” before running over the vehicle, breaking more than 30 bones, collapsing a lung and puncturing his liver.

New photographs show Mr Renner is attached to a ventilator with a brace around his neck. He sleeps in a hospital bed in intensive careHis face is visibly injured.

The actor shared new photos after the accident.

The actor shared new photos after the accident.

In an interview with ABC on Thursday, Mr. Renner pleaded guilty to the accident and apologized to his family for the trouble he had caused.

After driving the plow, he pulled one of the family’s cars out of the snow and onto the pavement.

Mr. Renner said He was worried about his brother’s safetyAlex, when the plow starts to slide on the snow.

Alex unhooked the chain connecting the truck and the plow. Mr. Renner moved to put one foot off the farm and glance at Alex – but he didn’t set the parking brake.

He then fell into a plow cab and lost his leg. ABC Entertainment shared details of how the incident unfolded.

“It was my mistake and I paid the price.”

“You’re not supposed to be out of the vehicle when it’s working out of the vehicle, you know what I mean? It’s like driving with one leg out of the car,” Mr. Renner, who was in a wheelchair, told ABC News reporter Diane Sawyer.

“But he is what he was,” he added. “And it was my mistake, and I paid for it.”

Mr. Renner then got back into the vehicle to prevent the plow from rolling back and crushing his nephew.

The drive wheels to the plow hit the track, threw it forward, and the wheel ran over it; Breaking more than 30 bonesCollapsing lung and piercing the liver.

Neighbors who arrested the 52-year-old actor, best known for playing Marvel superhero Hawkeye in the “Avengers” movies, said they found blood around him, shallow breathing and a crack in his skull.

Rich Kovach and Barb Fletcher, some of the neighbors who were at his home that day, said they thought Mr. Renner was dead for “two seconds.”

Mrs. Fletcher told Diane Sawyer, “At one point, he got a bad feeling about it, it turned this gray-green color and I feel in my heart, I feel like we lost it for a second. “He closed his eyes. And I tried to wake him up.

“I really feel like he died for two seconds. I really do,” she added.

Mr. Renner was hospitalized after the accident.

Mr. Renner was hospitalized after the accident.

Mr Kovach said he was shocked by the “abundance of blood” from Mr Renner’s injuries.

“And he was – he was just in such pain, and the sounds coming out of him – and there was a lot of blood in the snow.”

“Then I looked at his head and it looked like it was cracked. And I could see white, I don’t know if that was the skull … maybe it was just my imagination, but I thought I saw it,” added Mr Kovach.

Ms Fletcher recalled holding towels to apply pressure as Mr Renner “struggled to breathe”. She saw “a lot of blood coming out of his head.”

Mr Renner said he signaled to his family in sign language saying “I’m sorry” when he woke up in hospital.

“It’s my responsibility,” Mr. Renner said. “I am very sorry that my actions have caused me so much pain.”

Doctors used screws and titanium rods to repair broken ribs. Metal was placed on his legs and face to reconstruct the eye socket.

The actor is now undergoing hours of grueling treatment for his injuries and is seen walking with the help of a machine.



Mr. Renner He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2008’s The Hurt Locker and 2010’s The Town.

In person at a red carpet event in Hollywood on Tuesday, he decided to restore old vehicles like buses and donate them to underprivileged communities.

Mr Renner credited the support of his family for helping him survive the accident.

“I’m full and full of love and titanium,” he said.

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