Amanda Bynes Released From Mental Hospital; Actress Was Distraught Over Breakup Prior to …

Amazing news came out of Los Angeles today that actress Amanda Bynes has been released from the psychiatrist who has been her home since late last month.

Baines had a breakdown. He was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles in the late hours of March 18th and early Sunday morning.

Amanda was admitted to the hospital under 5150 psychiatric treatment, then it was extended by the advice of the medical staff.

However, by the end of her stay at the facility, Bynes was said to be receiving inpatient care on a voluntary basis.

Amanda Bynes wants out
Amanda Bynes has filed to terminate her conservatorship. The former child star has been under the control of her parents for the past nine years.

Medical staff reportedly agreed that Amanda was ready to leave the facility.

according to According to TMZ, Bynes worked with her doctors to coordinate an outpatient care plan before she was released from the hospital.

The road to recovery will undoubtedly be long, but those close to Amanda say she is committed to her recovery.

Amanda Bynes in 2020
Amanda Bynes is back on Instagram. The former actress seems to be doing well but her fans are still a bit confused by her comeback post. (Photo via Instagram)

As for what may have prompted Amanda’s meltdown, while there’s no definite reason, insiders suggest she’s dealing with the fallout from a messy breakup.

As you remember, Baines is engaged to Paul Michael In the year In 2020, after both meet in a rehabilitation facility.

Amanda and Paul said they broke up several times over the years, but according to Michael, the recent split was amicable.

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael
Amanda Bynes was engaged to a man she met in one of her recovery programs. The man’s name is Paul Michael. (Photo via Instagram)

Michaels told TMZ that he and Bynes split two weeks ago.

He said she left their house and returned three days later with another man.

According to Michaels, they argued, and when Bynes told him to leave, he packed up and left.

Amanda Bynes and her fiance Paul Michael, still together
Amanda Bynes announced her engagement to Paul Michael on Valentine’s Day, 2020. Three weeks later, they broke up due to parental pressure, but posted this cozy photo to prove their love. (Photo via Instagram)

Michael said that was the last he saw of Amanda.

Although they haven’t spoken since she was hospitalized, Paul says he wishes Amanda the best.

She said she had never looked happier in the weeks leading up to her breakdown and seemed completely devoted to their relationship and her nail care routine.

Amanda Bynes face tattoo
Amanda Bynes She revealed a new face tattoo in 2020. Reaction to the color has been overwhelmingly negative, and some fans are concerned for her mental health. (Photo via Instagram)

Over the years, Amanda has been incredibly candid about her struggles with mental illness and drug addiction.

When the time comes, we’re sure you’ll tell her about this latest setback.

In the meantime, we wish her all the best on her road to recovery.

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