A sperm donor, sued by the father of 550 children, is being sued to stop donating and prevent 'casual sex'.

A Dutch sperm donor accused of fathering 550 children is now facing legal action. according to Insider, the man was accused of not continuing to donate his sperm. Also addressing concerns about the potential for increased “casual intercourse”.

The mother and the foundation filed a lawsuit against the Dutch sperm donor

Dutch sperm donor Jonathan Jacob Meyer is reportedly being sued by the mother of one of his children. Meijer is also charged with Donorkind.

According to the organization, the man donated sperm to at least 13 clinics in the Netherlands.

The organization also reported that Meijer continued to donate in 2021 “despite being placed on the Dutch donation blacklist”. He reportedly did this by meeting prospective parents under a social media alias.

Based on this, Major continues to donate his sperm abroad, including Denmark and Ukraine, he said.

Meijer is now reportedly living in Kenya.

The risk of “casual sex” due to Meijer’s extensive donation

According to the outlet, Donorkind guidelines stipulate that sperm donors cannot father more than 25 children or impregnate more than 12 mothers. Additionally, the outlet reports that these guidelines exist to prevent “breeding” and “incest.”

Donorkind says Meijer has fathered 550 children.

The organization also explained that there is a huge “psychological impact” on children who learn they have “hundreds of half-siblings”. The organization’s lawyer, Mark de Heck, described Meijer’s behavior as “dangerous to the mental well-being and health of donor children.”

The mother behind the lawsuit shares her thoughts.

according to InsiderThe woman behind the lawsuit, identified as Eva, shares a daughter with Meijer. The child is said to be born in 2018.

The woman said Meijer assured her that he had “only fathered 25 donor children at most.”

Additionally, Eva stated that she would not have chosen Meyer as a donor had she known of his extensive donations to DonorKind.

“I feel sick in my gut when I think about the consequences this could have on my son and I’m sure about the future: How many more children?”

Eva states that taking legal action is the only way to protect her son.

The suit calls for Meijer to be barred from further sperm donations and to stop contacting prospective parents. In addition, the lawsuit asks Meijer to notify the clinics that store the sperm so they can immediately destroy the samples.

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