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Republicans have an abortion problem, and only one party leader can fix it: Donald Trump.

Let me explain. Like a proverbial dog chasing a bus, the GOP spent years campaigning on a promise to appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade but didn’t know how to navigate the political landscape when it finally succeeded. Democrats have used Roe’s and Republicans’ subsequent rollbacks of anti-abortion initiatives to paint the party as extreme and win over women and young voters.

of Reversal of Ro Abortion policy was transferred to the states where it will remain for the foreseeable future. Our country is so divided on the issue that Congress is unlikely to pass national legislation anytime soon.

Mays calls Texas ‘unconstitutional’ ruling on mifepristone abortion ‘in the wrong domain’.

Given the power, some red states like Texas have passed draconian laws banning all or nearly all abortions, a position unpopular with many Americans. Other states have had long-standing restrictions on books that are not enforceable because of Roe; Now some are in play.

Wisconsin, for example, has had a law banning multiple abortions since 1849. That law is being reviewed by the state Supreme Court. coming soon, Residents of the Badger State He voted to fill a seat in that court; After the race was the most expensive in Wisconsin history, the pro-abortion Democrat won the race by a stunningly wide margin. As a result of that victory, liberals now hold a majority on the state court, for the first time in decades.

Remember that Donald Trump won Wisconsin in 2016 and lost to Joe Biden in 2020, both by narrow margins; It is truly a “swing situation”. In the 2022 midterm elections, Republicans gained seats in the Wisconsin state legislature. So the recent loss of a court seat over the abortion dispute should be a wake-up call for Republicans.

Wisconsin Supreme Court election breaks record for Dem-backed candidate

Red states also sent warning shots to Republicans. Last year, voters in Kansas voted down an amendment to the state constitution banning abortion. Even in Conservative Kansas, 60% of voters shot down the measure. As in the Wisconsin Senate race, the turnout was extremely high.

The polls clearly show that Americans want abortion to be safe, legal, and limited to the first few months of pregnancy. Some 61% of Americans at A Pew study last year They said abortion should be legal in all or most cases — the same number that defeated the Kansas decision.

Polling (70%) shows strong support for a referendum in Kansas. There are currently 14 states that ban abortion altogether, including some swing states like Wisconsin and Georgia—states that could decide the outcome of future presidential elections. Other swing states, such as Ohio and Arizona, have bans pending court rulings.

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How can Republicans be loyal to voters who strongly oppose abortion but still appeal to the masses and win elections? Requiring each state to put abortion laws before voters instead of letting governors and state legislatures decide policy. In some states, this may lead to widespread bans. In others, no. It is called democracy when all the voters give their opinion. The GOP needs a leader to articulate this party policy. Only Donald Trump can and is probably willing to do that.

First, remember that abortion is not a major issue Trump’s 2016 campaign. Indeed, party orthodoxy had little regard for abortions, which he quickly changed when he was exhorted from both the right and the left to “punish” women who had abortions. Abortion bans under threat from China, strong military and strong economic growth for the former president, and many Republicans agree with him.

Second, Donald Trump has been blamed for his losses in the post-Roe midterms and special elections. Instead, he enjoyed pinning those losses on the GOP’s abortion policies.

Third, Trump can remember voters. Republican Party It is supposed to be a party of liberty and freedom. How is the GOP going to take that mantle away from half the country of one of their individual liberties – how they can govern their own bodies and families?

Fourth, Democrats have taken an extreme stance on abortion by passing offensive laws in the states they control. In New York, abortions are permitted up to nine months and “if, in the good faith medical judgment of the treating health care provider, continuation of the pregnancy would endanger the life or health of the pregnant patient.” The law does not define what constitutes a health risk; Depression can satisfy the “health care provider” who doesn’t even deserve to be a doctor. It’s time for the GOP to turn the “radical” weapon on the Democrats.

Fifth, Republicans must broaden their appeal if they want to win elections. In the near future Chicago mayoral runoffPaul Wallace, the more accomplished of the two Democratic rivals, lost in part because his opponent Wallace describes himself as “more Republican than Democrat” since he aired commercials featuring the clip in 2009. Think about it: In a city with so much damage that the Republican brand is hemorrhaging residents, he elects someone with zero credentials for the “R” word.

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Any Republican candidate who comes out with one Balanced abortion policyHe would lose support among evangelicals and the powerful pro-life movement, which would spread the majority of voters. Trump, on the other hand, is in a much stronger position right now, despite his many legal issues as a religious freedom fighter and has to weather the storm in a unique way. He can remind fans that he has delivered. Conservative Supreme CourtWithout this, voters would not be able to vote. And, it’s worth noting that, not too long ago, there were leaders in liberalizing abortion policy, including then-Governor Ronald Reagan.

By fighting with the American masses, Trump can do one powerful thing for the GOP: make it good again.

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