A "new axis of evil" is emerging as Biden undermines America's standing on the world stage.

Fox News host Sean Hannity was asked President BidenIreland tour amid domestic and foreign crises facing America, warning that a “new axis of evil” is emerging.

Shane Hannity: So Joe is enjoying his vacation in Ireland. By the way, the world is now entering the most dangerous time in my view since World War II. My father fought in the Pacific for four years. And by the way, it includes the cold war. Now a new axis of evil is forming before our eyes. And by the way, a new world order is taking shape, and you should not be happy about it. All of this is a direct result of Joe Biden’s apparent weakness on the world stage and Biden’s failed leadership. America has now relinquished its role as the world’s leading superpower. ChinaThey are racing to fill the gap. And just this week, the Chinese military released a video on state television showing what an attack on Taiwan would look like. By the way, this seems pretty close to me. And today, China issued more warnings to the US.

That day seems to be a warning between the Philippines and US military exercises to at least not interfere with their territorial interests. But don’t expect Joe to hold any of them accountable. They sent a spy balloon across the continental US and Alaska, and it relayed sensitive information to China in real time. Joe did nothing when they threatened, cited, and had serious consequences against an American warship in the South China Sea. They released covid in the world. They build opaque business deals. They commit rampant intellectual property theft. But again, your President Joe does nothing. How many more threats is Biden going to take from China before he finally takes action?

If he saves the child, he takes the hunter and sister Valerian to Ireland as an investigation

But China is not just about getting a free passport. Russia either shot the drone out of the sky or took one out. What did you do in response? nothing. What do both countries have in common? Millions and millions and millions of dollars in business dealings with the Biden family syndicate. By chance? i don’t think so. This new axis of evil is plotting to take power, with Biden abandoning our position as the world’s supreme leader.

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