A giant sinkhole is growing, putting Texas residents on edge.  'We've got our bags.'

A large sinkhole is growing in a small Texas town, putting residents and officials on edge, news outlets are reporting.

of Sinkol first appeared in 2008Within two days, a small sinkhole is falling into a 900-foot-wide, 260-foot-deep sinkhole, swallowing trees and structures in DeCita, Texas. The rapidly growing hole attracted the attention of the country, but as soon as it started, the sinkhole stopped.

For 15 years, The city of Daiseta — a community of less than 1,000 people about 55 miles northeast of Houston — didn’t have to worry about the problem.

Then on Sunday, April 2, The sink begins to expand again, The Vindicator reported. The ground began to crack and the earth slowly disappeared.

Local officials are monitoring the well's progress and contacting state officials for assistance.

Local officials are monitoring the well’s progress and contacting state officials for assistance.

“It’s growing. It’s taking out a lot more acres,” Liberty County Emergency Management Coordinator Bill Hergemueller told the newspaper.

Residents are worried Their homes and lives could be in danger, KTRK reported.

“I had a hard time sleeping last night because I didn’t know we were going to swallow. “My family told me it happened so fast before,” Jordana Pressler, who lives near the sink, told the television station.

She wasn’t the only one who lost sleep.

“What I fear most is that it will not happen to us at night. So that’s why we couldn’t sleep properly,” another nearby resident, Linda Hoover, told the station. “If that’s the case, we’ve got our bags…we can get out of here in a hurry if we have to.”

The city is located On the salt domeBluebonnet News reports, and if the pool continues to grow, it’s unclear when it will stop.

In addition to nearby homes and businesses, the well is located 80 feet from the main road FM 770 through the heart of Daiseta.

Local officials are reaching out to the United States Geological Survey for help, Bluebonnet News reported.

“City officials are closely monitoring the situation and will work with state and local authorities to provide the community with updates as the situation progresses.” Says the city of Daiseta In a news release.

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