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12 year old boy tuxedo Cat in Maine With some health issues she is looking for a forever home where she can sit on laps and cuddle.

Olivia is “a very sweet and loving lap cat,” said the Animal Refugee League of Greater Portland (ARLGP).

“She will meet someone who will give her lots of love and attention and ask for nothing more than to blink and chill by your side.”

Olivia also said, “She treats you like her own child and sleeps in bed with you every night and cuddles.”

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she is Living in a foster home Like now.

The shelter describes Olivia as “medium” in size and mentions that she is malnourished and undeclared.

Olivia, a 12-year-old cat with diabetes, lives in a foster home in Maine.

Olivia, a 12-year-old cat with diabetes, lives in a foster home in Maine. (Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland)

Like diabetic Olivia 1.5 units of insulin should be received Twice a day for the rest of her life, there is shelter. She has a special diet to help manage her diabetes.

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He added: “She is very receptive and eats her prescribed meals twice a day.

Olivia may need annual blood work to make sure her diabetes is under control, the shelter said.

“She was well worth the cost,” ARLGP said.

“She’ll make you fall in love like she did. A little loud meow When you’re excited to see you and want more pets when you put your feet up.

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Olivia is “very sensitive” and has occasional littering accidents, the team said.

Anyone interested in adopting Olivia should email [email protected] to learn about her special needs and how to properly care for her.

It's Olivia "Perfect lap cat" And he loves to hug and show love.

Olivia is the “perfect lap cat” and loves to cuddle and show affection. (Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland)

ARLGP then arranges an opportunity to meet and interact with Olivia at the shelter.

“Her foster mother loves her very much and is eager to help with any questions about her medical and behavioral information,” he said.

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If Olivia is not valid, the ARLGP has many other cats, dogs and small animals available for adoption.

Anyone interested in other animals living at the Animal Shelter League of Greater Portland should visit the website at arlgp.org.

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The shelter is located at 217 Landing Road in Westbrook, Maine.

Olivia will need daily medication for the rest of her life "good value," According to the shelter.

Olivia will need daily medication for the rest of her life, but it is “worth the cost,” according to the shelter. (Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland)

Adoption hours are Thursday-Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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