A car worth $750,000 was stolen from a Walmart parking lot, Pennsylvania police said.

A car loaded with $750,000 was stolen from a Walmart parking lot, Pennsylvania police said.

Officers from the Philadelphia Police Department responded to the scene on April 13 at 6 a.m. on the city’s northeast side, the department said in a news release. An unmarked trailer full of dimes broke and coins spilled onto the ground.

Investigators believe approx $100,000 was stolen From the trailer, WPVI reported.

A It weighs a single dime 2.268 grams, according to the US Mint, which means the thieves stole about 5,000 pounds of dimes.

The car was loaded to go from the Philadelphia Mint to Florida, but the driver stopped overnight so they could rest before starting the trip, police told WPVI. When they returned in the morning, the trailer was broken.

It is not clear whether the suspect or suspects knew what was in the boat.

Police said. Thieves often target trailersKYW reported.

Captain John Ryan told the television station, “Over the next several months, there were a lot of cargo thefts in Northeast Philly and South Philadelphia.

The investigation is ongoing.

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