5 things Mel Kiper got wrong in the recent NFL mock draft.

Mel Kiper has been a fixture of ESPN’s NFL Draft coverage for years, but he’s not infallible. Here are five things wrong with his recent mock draft.

NFL mock drafts are an inexact science for everyone. This includes ESPN expert Mel Kiper Jr., an industry veteran Recently, a two-round mockup was released (subscription required) and full of questionable predictions.

The purpose of this piece is to identify where Kipper got things wrong. That’s not to say I haven’t nailed some potential picks ahead of April’s draft, but there are some glaring mistakes. The list begins with a serious mistake about the upside in this year’s draft class.

Biggest mistakes in Mel Kiper’s latest NFL Mock Draft: 5. Parris Johnson won’t last until No. 19

The Buccaneers, who fell to Paris Johnson with the No. 19 overall pick, will have to make some back flips. Unfortunately, that won’t happen.

The Bears are a serious threat to land the former Ohio State star at No. 9 on the clock. They need a left tackle to keep Justin Fields clean in the pocket. If he falls past Chicago, he’ll be highly valued by the Eagles at 10 and the Jets at 13. It’s hard to imagine the past of New York.

Even if Johnson could pass the 13th pick, he would draw a lot of interest from teams looking to trade up to capture franchise confusion on a rookie contract. The idea that many right tackles are ahead of Johnson is unreasonable. At the age of 19, he will be off the board ahead of the keeper’s prediction.

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