3 strange players who played in brown shirts

Cleveland Browns

Robert Griffin III #10 Cleveland Browns. (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

There were a lot of terrific players on the Cleveland Browns who were stars elsewhere. Although there is a lot of pain, only a few are identified as “strangers”.

of Cleveland Browns They are a franchise full of sadness and futility. In fact, the Cleveland sports site on the FanSided Network is named after him The factory of sadness. This is a fan base that has seen a fair amount of bad signings, trades and positive contributions turn into a total headache. There are a lot of players who went to Cleveland, and it just didn’t make sense. More recently, Odell Beckham Jr., Jadeveon Clowney, former Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith, Olivier Vernon and Carlos Hyde have brought their star power to Cleveland, with little appreciation.

However, none of these players are even close to the odd players on the Browns’ roster. There are a few players who put the Browns in a bad spot. Most of them were quarterbacks, so we’ll keep that to just one. So, the horror of Jeff Garcia can’t be mentioned. It was so bad, we wore Garcia Browns uniforms. It is well known how bad Johnny Manziel was in Cleveland. DeShaun Watson seems like an oddity in Cleveland, but it’s hard to think of anything besides the numerous lawsuits against him. he said A laundry list of quarterbacks We can choose, but maybe we went with the one who completely forgot.

Here are some weird players we’ve seen in Browns uniforms:

3. Robert Griffin III

RGIII was one of the most dynamic starters in league history. He took the Rookie of the Year award from Andrew Luke, who was equally impressive. Then, things fell apart for Robert Griffin III. He suffered a number of knee injuries, and Washington often abused his career.

Griffin was cut by the Washington football team in March 2016, three years after being one of the best quarterbacks and young stars in the league. He signed with the Browns less than a month later and was named the starting quarterback in training camp. It would last one game before the injuries would reoccur.

Shoulder injuries usually cost Griffin. He came back in December, but was largely ineffective, and the Browns cut him in the offseason. RGIII is one of the saddest stories in the league. A team didn’t mismanage him, and he went to Cleveland, of all places. It just didn’t work out and I don’t see Griffin shining his star again.

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